November 2016

Burlington -

Nottingham is no longer forest green

Telephone:     (905) 399 1348


August 2016

Stoney Creek - 

Basement apartment rented!!


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How To Find Us

We loooove playing with outdated spaces and bringing them back to life.

So Show us what you got so we can show off our skills!!

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Call us to help you update your space!!

Do you have a kitchen that doesn't work for you?

Do you have a bathroom from the 70's?

Contact us.  Let's see where we can help.

Our Team

Does your home need significant renovations before it can go on the market? We can help.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of listing your property for sale? 
Call us.  We'll buy it as is.

  • Create functional kitchens
  • Update bathrooms
  • Other home renos like trimwork
  • Create multi - dwellings
  • Build Decks




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